Is It Time To Do The Cosmic Rock And Roll?

I amazed at the human capacity to be surrounded by so much stimuli, stuff, stress, struggle, and situations and keep on functioning at a high level. Look around you and see everywhere people attempting to make sense out of the world. Listen and feel inside and you can sense your own attempts to figure things out. You and I and everyone else can get so caught up in this world thinking and feeling that the dramas we are in are real. Sure on a personality level they seem real and important. They however are not at another level, the level of your spirit/soul/higher self.

I wanted to write today about the part of you that is unlimited in understanding, consciousness, compassion and creativity. This part I sometimes call my spirit, my soul, my higher self, or unity consciousness. Different traditions have different names for the highest knowing in you and I. The reason I wanted to write about this topic is because it is a very liberating part of us, and the way to freedom from the dramas of life that can get us so twisted.

There is in you and I a vast knowing that is beyond the “I” of our personality/ego. That vastness is in everyone and is inclusive of everything. Try this: Today find a place where you can take a few minutes to observe all that is going on around you. As you observe remind yourself that all of this is part of a greater you. The mountains, the city chaos, the flowing stream, the suffering person on the street corner are all parts of you, not the you of personality but the you of expanded consciousness.

As I write this I remember how challenging it can be to put into words some of these concepts. Understanding of these concepts is beyond the rational because the mind is limited in its ability to grasp the workings of our expansive, unlimited Self. Writing about something the mind can only glimpse is not a walk in the park. So lets take a walk into this ideas from alternative viewpoint. I want you to imagine that you are a collection of energy and information held together in one moving organism by thought. This energy and information that you are is in constant relationship to all that is around you and in fact in relationship to the rhythm and flows of the entire universe. The particles in you are in a cosmic dance with your neighbors, the moon and the stars. There is a vibrational celebration of living going on constantly and filled with endless possibilities waiting for you to rumba.

Human understanding so far has put your thoughts as a major director in your life experiences. How you think about your life is how you experience it. That means your thoughts choose to rumba with potentials present for you or not. You can go this way or that way, it doesn’t matter because it is all the dance of life. So which way do you want to tango? Do you want to play, explore, express and be blissful? Or maybe be serious, work hard, put up with and do what is expected? Or get by, flow with what is coming your way, do what works easiest and be ok with what is? Or be the director, make things happen, shape your reality, go forward with intention and focus? The possibilities are endless on how you want to do the dance called you, your life and the sea of consciousness.

You are free in this moment although it may not feel like it. Take back your freedom, rethink your options, empower yourself with self-love and self creation, tune in to your greater knowing, and then create the life you want. Anything less will be less satisfying, settle won’t do, and putting up with what is mediocre will leave you less then thrilled.

Well I have rambled about today haven’t I? I hope some of this stimulated you to expand your thoughts, your possibilities, your awareness? Hope you join the dance of insight and cosmic rock and roll and get a big smile on your face when you see what you have created.