Some May Say I Am A Dreamer . . . .

Speaking of rock and roll, I do love music and I have since I was a kid. I grew up in a rich time for music as I guess we all do. When I was a kid I use to love musicals, it seemed like there were lots of them on TV. The love of stories being told by music was something I never really thought much about until lately. In my forties I took up playing the guitar and I especially loved playing and singing. I have always found singing to be such a healing and joyous thing to do. One of the people I work with was singing away yesterday as she tried to deal with an overload of work and stress.

Somewhere along the way a force/inspiration in me caused me to attempt something I felt way over my head doing. I wrote a musical with 24 songs. I mentioned the musical the other day and the universe giving me the big YES. 24 songs out of me; it had to be some kind of divine intervention. I will tell you this, divine intervention or not; it sure felt exciting to have these ideas, dialogue and songs flow through me. I still get high thinking about letting such creative energy harmonize my cells on the way to my fingertips.

I have over time fined tuned the musical and the story but then I got to my level of incompetence. I then decided to record the songs on CD so I could have someone help me with them. The songs are simple and needing help and my voice scary to share. I found someone who could listen and turn the guitar and voice into sheets of notes and make it better as she goes. She is also helping to spiff up the dialogue. The progress is slow but moving along. I need to pump it up and I need some help or ideas to get some backing or expertise to take it to the next level. If there are any of you out there who have ideas drop me a line at

The funny thing is that from the beginning I have felt it was going to be a big hit. I love when I know something so clearly that my mind, body, heart and spirit sing in anticipation and celebration.

What masterpiece is waiting to be expressed through you? Is there and idea that makes you jump in excitement? What stirs you so deeply that it follows you around waiting for you to make it happen? Are you a business genius that will help us be free of dependence on oil? Could you be the person that makes a transporter (StarTrek) a reality? Are you the Oprah of tomorrow, or the Einstein, or the Jimmy Buffet/Jimi Hendrix, or the Mother Theresa or the Eckhart Tolle or some other extraordinary light on the planet? Maybe your parenting skills will nurture the jewel of a human being into full expression.

Please believe in yourself and your dreams. “Some may say I am a dreamer but I am not the only oneJohn Lennon. Thankfully in each of us is a big dream worth living. The world will be greatly enriched the more your dreams come into reality.