Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods and Nature

Today was a day to explore more of beautiful Colorado. We drove to the top of Pikes Peak which is 14,110 feet high. The clouds kept us from much of the view but we could still get some incredible glimpses of the world down below. Being out in nature is always special to me.

I feel like I am in touch with something so much greater then me in this place of such natural beauty. Then when I think even deeper I am aware of myself as part of nature and open to the expansiveness that nature is. This awareness awakens a consciousness of the unlimited aspects of my mind, heart and spirit. Nature takes me higher. I hope it does that same for you.

After coming out of the clouds we drove through the Garden of the Gods. Both Pikes Peak and this spectacular garden of huge stunning read rocks are near Colorado Springs. All these places are new to me. I have driven past the Springs, read the sign to the Garden of the Gods and seen the Peak in clouds a number of times. This time however we took the time to explore and were very glad we did. From the visitor’s center of the Garden you get a great view of the natural sculptures of the Gods. Next time you are on I-25 heading through Colorado Springs exit the highway and head for the Garden of the Gods. Again you get to meet and greet nature at it’s finest.

Yes, that beauty is in you too. You are also an amazing creation of the Gods. I hope you recognize and have a moment for gratitude and acknowledgement for the miracle your life is. I am very grateful to be in touch with nature, the nature in me, the nature that you are, and the nature of the Creative Force that blessed us all with this existence. We share this time in human history and together we can live in oneness with the unlimited possibilities nature shows us every time we look.

Travel well and let nature inspire the best in you.