Take A Day Of Rest

Today is a nice day to be alive. This day has been offered to you and I to do what we want with it. We can make it a day of relaxation, of love, of joy, of play and fun, of peace, of rest, of creative expression or whatever would be easy and restful.

Sunday drives are a nice things to do. Go someplace, not to far away, and enjoy the change of scenery. Get a massage, take a nap, sit on the couch and read a good book. Go for an easy walk in nature. Sit in a hot bath and contemplate an ideal life. Watch a movie at home or the theatre. What do you love to do that is easy and fun and relaxing?

My rest day involves an early run, writing this blog and some fun golf with friends in the early evening. I like to play on my days off. I enjoy my daily workouts, so even on my rest days I get some kind of exercise in. My favorite rest day activities include: golf, tennis, painting and collage work, naps, sitting out in a beautiful place in nature and just taking it in, sleeping in and doing some kind of fun activity. I know I am an active person so sometimes the best way for me to rest is to go to a spa and get a massage and then sit in a hot springs until I am ready to nap. I am thinking of this great little place up on the Columbia River where they have these big old tubs to soak in and then they wrap you up in blankets and let you sweat until your massage. I am going to be in Oregon later this month. I may have to go find that place.

Please take a day for rest regularly. It will refresh you and make your sharper for the times you are active and doing what you need to do. Vacations are great for that. Hope you had one recently or have one coming soon?

I will be starting a vacation on Tuesday; I am really looking forward to this one. I will travel to an IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) conference in Palm Springs for 4 days; then to Santa Barbara, my previous home base for a week; and then to Oregon to see my family and all there is to see and explore there.

I will keep my blog going most of the time on this trip to share my insights and inspirations.

Rest days sooth you body, mind, heart and spirit.