Body, Fitness and Energy

I was thinking I needed to write about the importance of the body as more then a vehicle that caries me around. The body is a source of energy and wisdom. A healthy body serves you and I in many ways. Body health is being strong, flexible, fit and well fed. When you have a body that is well taken care of with a healthy diet, exercise and time to relax, then you have a powerful partner for the work of you mind, heart and spirit.

I want to talk about a healthy diet first because food plays a big part in how much energy we have. I am not a diet expert but have explored the topic extensively over the years. Eating what is good for my body, mind and heart has become my guide. I eat to fuel me, to keep my mind functioning optimally and for the health of my heart and fitness. When I listen to my body, I know what it needs. (A word of caution here: eating to soothe your emotions can often be less then healthy, talking is better.)

A full program of exercise is important to keep the body running well. I prefer to work out daily because I feel better doing so. Exercise energizes me, keeps my body and heart healthy and clears my mind. My exercise includes endurance work, strength building and flexibility. I prefer cross-training rather then just one kind of exercise. Variety is excellent for maximizing exercise. Yoga and Tai Chi are two practices that I find very valuable.

Eating well and keeping fit gives me the stamina to keep on going through the challenges of life.

One other aspect of the body I wanted to address was the body wisdom. The body is a sensing, processing and feeling masterpiece. The wisdom of the body comes from its innate knowing. The body senses the truth beyond the words. The body feels what is going on at a level more tuned in than the mind. The gut instinct is a powerful predictor of what is coming your and my way. There is wisdom at the cellular level that represents the entire history of human development on the planet. The body is a sure guide when you and I learn to listen to it.

Take good care of the body, let it relax and repair when needed and listen carefully to its knowing guidance. You will benefit greatly from doing so.