Story Telling Time To Wake You Up

Today I begin a 3 week car journey and I am excited. We first travel to Saint George, Utah and tomorrow to Palm Springs for the IONS conference. Then to Santa Barbara and the last week will be in Oregon. I will keep the journal going most days and write about the inspirations and ideas I discover. Today I want to share with you an excellent book that I have been reading. The book is in story form and full of what the author calls, “rules of the game.” The book is titled, Stop Struggling and Start Living by Elfreda Pretorius.

What I most like about the book is that it is a teaching story and that it is written well enough to keep my attention. The story is about a guy who is not doing well and desperate. He finds himself about to end his life when a person appears to talk with him. They have this lengthy discussion about life on this mountain top. I find many of the lessons good reminders and the book is full of questions worth thinking about.

I very much appreciate books that tell stories and also wake me up at the same time, great summer reading material. I have always loved good stories that have heart, that make me think, that expand my viewpoint, that increase my awareness and provide me with insights into myself and life. Some of my favorites include: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman; Joshua by Joseph Girzone; Illusions by Richard Bach; Wandering Taoist by Deng Ming-Dao; Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield are a few that come to mind. Most of these books have follow-up books also worth reading. These kinds of stories are enjoyable to read and leave me a better person in some way.

It seems I am kind of a consciousness junky. I love reading that takes me higher. Can you identify with that? The world needs as many people awake as possible. Reading is one great way to expand ourselves. There are certainly lots of self-improvement books out there. A good story to me is just a more fun way to learn and grow.

Have a good read and be a more awake person. The world needs you and me to show up alert and ready to make a difference.