People Are Amazing, Ignore the News

Yesterday was time to say goodbye to my friends at my part-time job. Each person there has been a joy for me to know. I will miss seeing each of them so regularly. Cal, Randa, Neal, Larry, Mike, Bryan, Nancy, Susan, Mark, Dianna, Michael, Jennifer, Christin, Irving, Smitty you are all wonderful human beings and I look forward to seeing you again. Thanks for being who you are and for sharing the time we have spent together. I was there two years and I am grateful for the many positive experiences I had.

Now it is time to go forward with my life and as I wrote yesterday I have a plan. My main focus will be on building traffic to my blog, growing Peace Together, getting the musical ready for production, and utilizing my skills as a teacher/trainer and coach/consultant. That seems like a lot of things to focus on? It is and they are all things that have meaning and purpose for me so I will tend the garden and see which ones grow into full blossoming beauties of creation.

A further note about the people I worked with and the people I have met lately. There are so many good, kind and value driven people in the world. Many, many, many more then there are people we should fear. If you watch the news on a regular basis you may forget about all the people worth knowing out there. The news is fear driven and so slanted towards provoking an emotional response that they program it with content that will stir you up. Fear is a powerful emotions and news uses it to get your attention. I stopped watching the news because I do not want to be bombarded by their programming of fear. I can get my news by reading the paper/internet and there too I only read enough to keep informed and I try to get a variety of viewpoints. I would encourage you to take a news fast and instead run your own emotional interior instead of having the impact of news programming ruining your own inner peace. News programs are not liberal or conservative, they are corporations running their own agenda and less and less concerned about what is good and healthful/helpful for the people and instead are totally driven by profits.

Well I see here that I am wondering about with my writing today. That is how it flows and that is where I go. I am making commitment to myself and to you the reader today. I will do my absolute best, with my writing this blog, to be tuned into my inner guidance and not to be run by my reactions to things and situations. There is much to react to and frankly I don’t think our reactions are our highest wisdom. Reactivity is run by ego and too often based on fear.

I am bringing all my focus, intention, purpose and attention to creating a life that has meaning for me and will make a positive difference. As I wrote in a past blogs, I am committed to being the best I can be in each moment, to spreading peace, love and consciousness each day with as much clarity, awareness and understanding as I can bring through these fingers onto the page you are reading. Thanks for joining me today and every day that you stop by and have a read. I am on a mission to be awake and to awaken and I am glad to have you as a partner. Stay tuned as I explore this experiment called life as fully as I can.

One last thought from the wise writings of Wallace Wattles; go over in you mind what you want in your life, see it, feel it, sense it as fully as you can, then keep your mind focused on it and you will make it happen. All you have to do is want it so much that you keep it constantly in your thoughts and heart.

Have a great week and stay tuned.