Life Transitions Show You Who You Are.

The heat came on in the house today for the first time since spring. The dreary morning here has me thinking I need to get my mind to a place that will uplift me. I can do that because there is much to be excited about today. My regular part-time work is ending this afternoon and my venture into fully following my purpose starts now. Hurray and Yikes is what comes to mind.

This is my five-fold plan:
1. Grow the blog so it can go full force and generating more income here
2. Bring Peace Together into its full realization as profit generating center and foundation
3. Do what has to be done to get the musical moving forward so it can come into its potential for success
4. Teach and do training, consultations, and do critical incident debriefings for EAP
5. Be open to other projects that come my way.

The goal is to create a sustainable life that makes a positive difference and leaves the world a better place. Spreading Peace, love (compassion and understanding) and consciousness is my purpose. Your thoughts and heart felt support is appreciated.

Today I leave behind a stressful/unhealthy job and some really great co-workers. I will keep in touch with the people but not miss the dysfunction of the corporation. I feel both sadness and joy, both anxious and excited.

These times of transition are great opportunities to tune into your inner landscape and watch the workings of the mind and emotions. Change is a time to notice how much you want to hang on to what is familiar and do what is predictable. You want to feel in control. It is a time to notice if the mind is supportive, fearful, doubting, judging, encouraging etc. You also want to know what emotions are present so you can be aware of your reactions. Then there is the higher knowing in you. I call that the Higher Self, the part of you that is beyond the ego and in touch with the wisdom and creative forces of the universe. This higher wisdom is the one you will receive the most benefit from in times of transition. You will do well to listen inward and be guided by this knowing that is beyond the fear and in union with the unlimited.

Going forward successfully is guaranteed. There may be course corrections needs but movement with intention and purpose always create results. There is in you forces that know no limits; that are amazing manifesters; that are filled with joy, creativity and energy; and that have the ability to work in harmony with the source of the entire universe. These forces can change the course of your life profoundly in a second, or in a day, week, month, or year as you guide them with you thoughts and emotions. You create your reality in relationship to the world.

Ok it is off to further create this day as fully and richly as I can. Be with me as I travel and I will be with you. If you have questions and want support or want to lend support please let me know at the comment section below or at