Fall Is Lurking, So Is Happiness

It sure feels like fall here in Boulder today. It is 51 degrees this morning and the clouds have blocked out the usual sunny morning view of the mountains. I am not ready yet for fall are you? There isn’t a lot I can do about summer winding down so I guess I better gear my thinking towards making the best of what is coming.

Talking about making the best of what is coming, I have come to understand this is the way to live life every day if happiness is your goal. Happiness comes from enjoying what comes your way, from creating the experiences you want to have within the context of what is given to you. Children are masters of that. They can live in a war torn or disaster area and turn it in to a playground where fun and happiness can be created.  Making the best of what you got is a wonderful skill and way to live.

I remember one morning. Getting up at dawn. There was such a sense of possibility. We were going to do everything. Do you know that feeling? I remember thinking: ‘This it the beginning of happiness.’ That’s what I thought. ‘So this is the feeling. This is where it starts. And of course there’ll always be more.’ It never occurred to me: it wasn’t the beginning. It was happiness. It was the moment right then.”
Clarissa in “The Hours” (David Hare, Screenwriter)

“Accept what the present brings and live in that. If one is not established in the present, then one is nowhere and nothing is possible.Rodney Collin

“Everything that happens in the present moment is necessary.”
Ramesh S. Balsekar

“It is only possible to live happily-ever-after on a day-today basis” Margaret Bonnano

“Life is a constant surprise. And I am not talking about some divine life – the ordinary life is so extraordinary.Osho