A Peaceful World Created By You and Me

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of us all joining together to create a peaceful world. What would a peaceful world look like? I will share my ideas and very much welcome yours. We can make this happen if we work together.

A peaceful world would be one in which we learn to live with compassion and caring for each other. That means all people and all their beliefs can find a place to be in the world. You know if we sat everyone down and asked them what they believed and what matters most to them, we would find that each person has a unique view of the world. We would also see what mattered most would be true for many of us. Beliefs vary but underlying values are more universal. All beliefs and values in a peaceful world would be appreciated and dysfunction would not evolve when there is understanding. More wars have been fought over dysfunctional beliefs than any other reason.

In a world at peace the basic needs of all people would be met. All would have a home, food and the medical care they needed. Sweat shops would be replaced by fair working environments. Reasonable housing and healthy food supplies would be available to those with fewer resources. When basic needs are met peace is possible.

A world at peace would be less driven by corporate profits and more driven by human values. All companies would be evaluated by how they took care of their people and the planet as well as the quality of their goods and services. The military-industrial complex would be reduced or eliminated. Livelong education and training would be available to all with the savings from cuts to defense budget.

In a world of peace there would be a compassionate and just legal system designed to help bring healing to those who caused problems and were harmful to others. All problems come from those who have been hurt or suffer from a lack of love. Many prisons would be replaced by facilities for personal healing and skill training so those involved can become positive members of society.

In a world of peace, love and compassion would be allowed to fully blossom because fear would no longer run humans. Safety and security would be taken for granted. In a safe world peace comes naturally. Most of us grew up in safe worlds and I suspect those safe places are still waiting to be reclaimed or resuscitated.

A peaceful world is full of possibilities, passion, purpose and potential. People can live their lives purposefully, follow their passions, and explore their potential. They have freedom to be who they are and can create the life they want. This is a happy world full of the highest human expression.

All these qualities of a peaceful world may seem out of reach but they are not. All that needs to happen is that we have to open our hearts and minds and listen and understand each other. Then anything is possible. The inner resources in each of us are set for peace if we just step into the possibility in each of us.

What are your thoughts about a peaceful world? Please share them in the comment section below.