Life Is A Big Experiment

This weekend’s experiment is that we are doing our peace thing at Ft. Collins Sustainability Fair. I enjoy this group because everyone is concerned about the health of our planet. If you read this blog and are in Ft Collins this weekend please stop by our Peace Together peace t-shirt booth and say hi. Meeting one of my blog readers outside those I already know has never happened before so I am hoping for a first.

Talking about life as an experiment, John Girard is still making his way across the country seeking fame in 31 days. So far he has not fully realized his goals but he is courageous and has some funny videos on his site. Check him out at He could use some help since he only has 6 more days to go, so please pass his website on to as many people as you can. If you know Jay Leno give him a call, John really wants to be a guest on his show.

I started writing today’s blog last evening, I was wiped out from a difficult run and a hot soak after. I was sitting in front of my computer trying to rally and my brain was cloudy kind of like Joe had in Joe Vs The Volcano starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Not a great movie but some excellent scenes especially the work scenes that look like some kind of hell realm. I think of that film sometimes when I think of all the brave people that slog off to difficult jobs everyday. “Soldiers of Industry” is what I call those millions of guys in their suits and ties heading off to work to help make profits for their company and doing what it takes to make a living while providing for their loved ones. My admiration goes to all those who work so hard. What a dedicated experiment in making the best of life.

Yesterday I was doing training at Qwest and was impressed by the attendees’ participation in the presentation and how they were not just going through the motions. I got great questions and heard real compassion for their fellow workers and concerns about how to help them when they were not doing well. They understood that everyone runs into struggle at times. The experiment is how to live positively and happily even in the most challenging of situations.

A good nights sleep has cleared my San Francisco (foggy) state of mind. I have experimented in times when my mind lacks clarity and have discovered I can just trust and let my fingers do their thing and the words flow. It is a very positive feeling to find that my inner resources take over when the body and mind are not cooperating. These resources are my heart’s knowing and my higher self. The vastness of this knowing in you and I is unlimited. Try exploring that vastness and living in a more expanded state.

I have been feeling kind of stuck with how to get money for my musical so I can move it forward. I am open to guidance and my intuition has a quiet sense of confidence. It is the mind that can knock me off center when it throws worry, fear and self-doubt at me. I need to trust the deeper knowing and go on with the experiment of living each day as fully as I can. I was, in a very direct way, given this musical by some greater Source then me. Now I feel that Source will help me complete the upgrade and take the musical out into the world. This is really an interesting exploration since I feel like I know very little about song writing and the dialogue for musicals.

Excuse the food diversion but do you watch the Iron Chef on the Food Network? Last night was a battle of Italian chefs and I wanted so much to be on the judging panel to sample all that great looking food. The announcer said, "If your mouth isn’t watering then you need to go see a physician." I have to agree.

I enjoy reading and learning as part of the way I spice up my experiment of life. I have 5-6 books I am exploring now and each one has new insights waiting for me to discover. I started a book on beliefs yesterday and I will let you know the good stuff I get out of it.

Have a good weekend and I hope to give you an update from the fair on Saturday.