Inspiration Comes From Being With Like Minded People

It is beautiful day here in Ft Collins, Colorado. The Rocky Mountain Sustainability Living Fair has really grown since last year. There are so many more booths and such interesting things to check out. I love to explore what people are passionate about and sharing with the world.

This fair is about helping the area come into green living, healthy eating, alternative health, non-traditional building, cruelty free products, grow local produce, organic food and products, non profits and non government organizations driven by purpose and values. Each booth and attendee has their own collection of ideas and beliefs yet they all share the value of caring about the planet we live on. It feels so go to be around so many people who can expand their thoughts beyond self and think globally and act locally.

Last night I went to the most incredible music event with Deva Premal, her husband Miten and their incredible flute player Manose in Boulder. There were 2000-3000 of us singing and chanting together and it was incredibly uplifting. These people know how to take a group and lift them into a higher realm. I have done chanting as way of active meditative practice for years. This singing to get higher is so wonderful to experience. This group is on a tour and I see there are heading to California and other places It they come to a place near you and you like to get naturally high, you need to join them and have a wonderful experience.

One of the headliners for this Fair today was Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.of the  She is a true investigative reporter who has put her own life on the line in pursuit of the truth. She is a national treasure for those who support really questioning what is going on in this country and our government. Her talk today was as exceptional as usual and she left everyone more informed about what is really going on beyond the media spin most receive. Tune in and listen or watch Democracy Now is you local area.

It is back to the fair tomorrow and to meet some more really interesting people. Have a good day.