Speak Up America

In my blog yesterday I wrote about integrity and how much it seems to be missing these days at least on a mega level of governments, corporations, media, churches, sports and elsewhere. How about at the personal level, is integrity important? From the level of self-esteem, integrity is essential. Fulfilling your commitments to yourself and to others helps you feel ok about yourself. Living according to your values boosts your sense of inner well-being. Having what you say be in integrity with your truth keeps you harmonious inside. Anytime you ignore or go against, your word, your commitments, your values and beliefs, you create a disconnect within and lower your sense of self-worth.

In the world you and I live in there is so much coming at us; so many people flooding the airways with their opinions; so much misinformation and spin. To sort all this out, it takes quieting yourself down and listening inward to find the truth of your heart, mind and spirit. This sorting process is essential to living in integrity with yourself, not with other people’s values or beliefs. As you learn new perspectives, gain deeper insights and are more conscious, your beliefs and values will evolve to reflect your higher knowing. Your higher knowing is always more evolved then those of government, commerce, and even most religion. I bet you never had that thought? I didn’t either until my higher knowing wrote this.

I wanted to take this idea of integrity and talk about the importance of speaking up. What is so needed today in our world is for you and I to speak up for what is right, fair, just, compassionate, and true. We need to speak of our concerns for those we care about. We need to say what we think to those that represent us in government. We need to hold those that are dishonest accountable.

Did you know that the oil industry spends millions of dollars to finance quasi-scientific research to say there is no global warming and to falsify real scientific evidence? Did you know this administration has spent millions of your government money to convince you of their agenda around elimination of social security, the war in Iraq and other ridiculous ideas they have? Have you seen that Union busting is at an all time high because of bad press and manipulated information and yet the workers need unions more now then ever to offset the almighty profit motive and the lack of integrity in corporations? Is this ok with you?

This speaking up is key ingredient of democracy. In this administration, speaking up around the President has all but been totally eliminated. All his public appearances ban any dissent. The media too often attacks and misreports those that speak up. The recent MoveOn.org ads stirred the media in a frenzy of attacking talking heads. Speaking up takes incredible courage these days when you know it may mean getting spied on by our own government.

Speaking up isn’t only for dissent or to confront falsehoods. On a personal level it means talking to those you care about who are hurting themselves. It means saying no to your children when you know limits are needed. It means speaking your truth even when they may not be accepted. It means speaking honestly to yourself when you need to move in a healthier direction.

Speak up, let your voice be heard, share your concerns, be compassionate, live by your truths, and the world will be a better place.