Free Yourself of Limiting Beliefs

I have been thinking about how my thoughts, beliefs, ideas, experiences, biases, emotions, and history shape how I look at the world. Am I ever able to see things as they are or do I just see the world around me through all my filters (thoughts, beliefs, ideas etc.)? Is my reality created by how I see and experience the world through my filters or screens? I am of the belief that I create my own experience of my life. So if I have a collection of filters then I limit my own ability to create a more expanded world for myself. I limit myself. That is a very interesting realization in this moment.

How do I remove my acquired and self-imposed limits? This is a challenging question and I want to share with you my understanding at this time. Here are the five ideas I think you will find helpful:
1. Self-Inquiry – to understand yourself and who you are is an important step along the way to creating true freedom in your life. “Who Am I?” is the basic question of this inquiry. Are you your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, experiences, body, or mind? If not then who are you? What is your spirit, your soul? Is there a you before or after this lifetime? Who is that you? Is the freer you of your childhood still available to play?
2. Awareness – what are you aware of? Do you know what your thoughts are? How much are you aware of your emotions? Do you sense the mental states and emotions of others? How do your preferences limit your life? How much is the satisfaction of the ego a driving force? How are you letting fear run you? There are many questions and much to be aware of moment to moment.
3. Understand Beliefs – what beliefs rule your life? What are your limiting beliefs that hold you back? Are all of your beliefs yours or are number of them learned and in need of questioning? Can a belief be changed easily? Let’s say you gained a new perspective on an old learned belief, would that affect how you thought about that belief? Of course it would.
4. Impartiality – I have written about impartiality in past blogs because of the importance of being able to step away from the self-judgment and objectively and fairly observe who you are. If you want to be free of self-limiting ideas develop your ability to observe how you are in relationship to yourself and the world around you. See, appreciate, learn and grow from your observations and cut out the crap of judging yourself as not ok in some way. Harshly self-judging is a learned behavior/belief that messes you up and limits you incredibly.
5. Higher-Self – there is in you a greater source of wisdom that is not bound by beliefs or limiting ideas. This part of you speaks through your intuition, your heart, you gut and in the quiet stillness. This is both your highest consciousness and the collective consciousness from the source of all of creation. You are always guided from a Higher Source if you listen.

There is within you unlimited possibilities once you remove your own limits. There are books you can read, conversations to explore, teachers to guide you, practices that will enhance you, and you inner knowing to be listened to and followed. Make a commitment to explore the above ideas and set yourself free.