Follow Through Makes a Difference

Our Peace Together potluck in honor of International Peace Day went very well last night. We had lots of enthusiastic participants, we talked about our program and what we are up to, we took some time to tune into our individuals sense of peace, lots of good ideas were shared, we had several possible additions to the advisory board, and even had some donated funds. I feel like our commitment to making a positive difference was felt by everyone and had our home abuzz with energy. When people come together with focus, amazing things can happen.

We were out promoting peace today at a small Denver expo. The attendance was light and the weather was windy but since we are on a mission, we stayed anyway. We made some great contacts and did well enough with shirt sales to feel like our day was a good one.

I was thinking about how important it is to stick to what you commit yourself to. Many at the Expo packed up and left very early but staying had its rewards as sales were made and a very interesting opportunity presented itself. We are dedicated to promoting peace and having conversations to build community and both the expo and the potluck were about that. I know some very positive things will come from us going forward and doing what we know we are to do.

What matters most to you? What are you committed to? What do know you have to do in this life? What are you willing to do to make it happen? These are important questions in a world full of distractions, chaos, fear, and over stimulation. To be successful despite the odds is what is called for and it takes great courage and intention. Do you have what it takes?

How can I be a support to you personal mission; to you realization of purpose? I am here and available to assist you through my blog, my encouragement and inspiration, my coaching and consultations, and any other way I can be supportive of your journey. Where you are going and what you are here to do, does matter and I am here to lend my support. Please leave a comment below or email me at if I can be of assistance in any way as you move forward with purpose. Together we can be a huge force for a better world.