What is Peace?

As you know I have been writing a lot about peace these days. I feel compelled to stimulate the dialogue about peace and a better world. I do this because I fully believe in the human capacity to live according to the higher ideals of a loving and compassionate world. These higher values and capacities are simply in waiting, ready at any time for us to call forward the best and greatest in us. I invite you to take the time to make contact with who you are and what capacities in you want to be explored and expressed. I will write more about those potentials in you and I this week. Today I want to look at what is peace?

At our peace potluck on Friday, I became aware that people define peace in a variety of ways. Lets talk about what a world at peace could or would be like. I am going to share my ideas and some of what I learned Friday. I welcome your feedback and ideas because I now better understand that peace looks different for everyone.

Peace to me is:
Living with each other in ways that do no harm
A world where fear is no longer a powerful global force and humans can be free from being afraid
When the human potential is encouraged to be fully explore and expressed
When diversity of ethnicity, religion, beliefs, ideas and viewpoints are allowed and appreciated.
A world where all the basic needs of food, home and medical care are available to all
Where all nations are come together in support to deal with the world problems through dialogue and shared responsibility
A place where individuals are able to live fully with love and compassionate as guiding forces
A world where the wasted resources of war are turned into schools, alternative fuels, better food sources, health care etc.
A creative world that encourages the best in people
A fun world, where play and work have a wonderful balance
Where the power of the people control governments and corporations for the good of everyone
A world where education teaches people to believe in themselves and to live in the world as positive contributors
Where work is purposeful and something people enjoy
A world free of financial worries and burdens
Friends and relationships that our supportive, encouraging and loving
A quiet and supportive mind, an open heart, a healthy body and a spirit that is free to soar to its highest and holiest realization

What is peace to you?