The Tyranny of Impoverished Thought

The title comes from a book called The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma. The tyranny is about your and my thoughts and how they limit us. We constantly limit ourselves by how and what we think. We have around 50,000 thoughts per day and most of those are repeated over and over again and are the same ones from the day before. Sometimes it is even amazing we make it through the day with the negative thoughts we carry in our heads. The following is a collection of thoughts that are show-stoppers on the road to success.

If you have judging thoughts that you are not ok or acceptable and you re-enforce these thoughts by repeating them over and over then how do you think you will feel about yourself?
If your thinking is full of blaming or complaining then you send out powerful attractor energy so that you continue to have lots to complain about.
If you think you don’t deserve the life you want, then your thoughts repeat themselves to assure you don’t have the life you want.
If you were taught beliefs and ideas that limit you and you don’t questions those thoughts, then you, through your thinking, continually set yourself up for failure.
If you think you are not a good person then good will not come your way.
If you think “I am not worthy of love” then the love you long for will never arrive.
If you think nothing ever works out the way you want it to, quess what happens?
If you are full of fearful thoughts, you find more reasons to be afraid.
If you think of yourself as struggling and poor then you continue to struggle and not have what you need.
If you thoughts and beliefs that label money, or wealth as bad then you are broke.
If your have thoughts that you need to be right or at least in control, then you will find yourself in a world that doubts you and feels out of control.
And on and on it goes until you change your thinking.

Your mind and your thoughts very much shape your experience of life. Everyone, including you, has limiting thoughts that hold you back. How do you limit yourself with your thoughts, beliefs and ideas? What learned ideas and beliefs badly need updating or rewriting? Where has your self-criticism worked to create the life you want? The answer to this one is most likely, never.

Take the time to monitor your thinking and don’t allow yourself to have negative and limiting thoughts any more. The time to stop this nonsense is now. You deserve so much more than you allow yourself to have.