Google Customer Service Stinks and Citizen Alert

Yesterday was an odd one in the realm of the web world for me. I wrote a positive blog about how to create the life you want with lots of helpful ideas. Then my wife got this strange email from me in Nigeria using my blog gmail address. Obviously it wasn’t me because I was sitting not far away at my computer and she at hers. I am unable to close my account because the security has been compromised on my email and neither my password nor username works. Google and Gmail are impossible to reach and I am very disappointed with their total lack of access and service. There is no one to talk to and no one even to send a message to??? All attempted messages end up back in an endless loop. Whatever happened to customer service? I guess they don’t really care?

I have come to wonder much about the world we live in. Am I too simple in my ideas? How come I don’t understanding the kind of situation ethics that run government, corporations and many individuals? Have these structures and individuals lost touch with their hearts and souls? There are on this planet many people and organizations run by higher values. I am truly grateful for that. There is however a number of companies that seem to have pushed all the true values aside in the pursuit of profit. Is that ok with you? Ok I guess this is my rant day this week. Here I go.

I too am concerned about the slide this country is taking towards suppressing dissent, toward an unchecked executive branch, towards torture and domestic spying, prisons outside the jurisdiction of our legal system, and also toward a war with Iran next. Did you know the US is building an air base near the Iran and Iraqi? It looks to me that this administration is on a mission of expansion under the guise of whatever the PR campaign they are using this week. Yet Congress sits there as if, they are intimidated by the President and VP. Doesn’t this concern you? What happened to checks and balances?

Did you know the US puts far more people in prison per capita they any other democratic nation? How come more Americans are on medications and many on multiple medications then any other country? This is the only country of all the major nations that does not offer health care to all its people. Corporate profits are soaring and CEO’s pay has risen some 400%. Oil profits are through the roof. Insurance companies are dictating medical treatment and their rates are sky-rocketing. Remember Hillary’s work for health care during her husbands presidency? Did you know that now she gets more insurance influence money than all but one other senator?

Banks and their credit card companies are allowed to raise rates and charge fees whenever they please and with little or no oversight, strapping many with incredible debt. The media has gone towards entertainment and away from real news since they are all owned by corporations benefiting from the rich getting richer of this administration. The Vice President is still making money from his ties to Halliburton ( which has profited greatly from the war. And there is so much more to ask questions about.

Is this all ok with you? Are you willing to ask questions? Start by contacting your Congressional Representatives and asking them what are they doing to look out for the people? Keep on asking questions and sharing your thoughts until they start representing the concerns of the people not those of the special interest groups like oil, insurance, banking, Halliburton, Fox News etc.

We must take back our government or it will be lost. This is a very critical moment in our history and democracy is slipping into a aristocracy of paid influence and too much executive power. Who looks out for the good of the people if we do not? We need to step into our power as citizens and hold those we elect accountable to what they are there to do. They were elected to represent the people and their needs not to be ponds to the powerful money influences of organizations that lack heart and soul. The time is now because the paid influence is more powerful then ever and still growing at an alarming rate and the unchecked executive branch power should be of real concern to every citizen. To read more about why I am so concerned check out my Another Viewpoint section and read the Buzzflash Interview of Naomi Wolf

Have a good day, and show up as powerfully as you can.