What Are You Waiting For?

Last night I watch The Last Waltz a movie about The Band. I watched in amazement at how easy they made it look performing in front of all those people. They seemed as comfortable as they must have felt playing in the garage when they first started out. I was thinking they did what they did because it was in them to play music with true passion. What a gift it was too them to do what they to love to do. I’m sure everything wasn’t rosy all the time but they were able to be free enough to do what they wanted to do.

Are you blessed too? Is your work what you love to do? Do you turn your life into a performance of creative expression? This weekend I get to do something I love to do. We have a booth at the Renaissance of Locals event in Lyons, Colorado and we are talking about peace and selling our t-shirts, cards, tea, and decals. As you know I am passionate about promoting a peaceful world by spreading ideas, asking questions, building connections and keeping our minds and hearts open to how we can create a better world. I very much enjoy interacting with other people who are want to talk about the kind of world they would like to see.

I also love to write and this blog is so enjoyable for me to do because it is about living my purpose, spreading peace, and inviting the best in you to come out and be and make a positive difference. By the way if you are in Lyons at the event please stop by the booth with the Peace T-shirts and say hi. I know one day it will happen that a reader of my blog will stop by and introduce themselves. I will even have a surprise for them.

What do you love to do? What makes you feel fully alive? Are you doing it? If not now, when? You are invited to find the way to your most creative, genuine, joyous, passionate expression of you. Maybe it will be a quiet expression or a loud and boisterous one? Maybe it will be when you surrounded by friends or on your own in the silence of your thoughts? Maybe it will be in your hometown or someplace where no one knows you? Maybe it will be in front of your child or in the intimacy of your loved one? Somewhere, some day, some how you will step out of the shadow of your own limits and march with full awareness into the moment you have been placed on this planet to realize. That will be a day in which you will leave your mark of authenticity on humankind. All will rejoice for your note in the symphony of life will ring out across the universe.

Wow was that fun to imagine and write. Let it be.