We Are Today With Hopes For Tomorrow

Yesterday very few people showed up at the Renaissance of Local Event. It was a big disappointment. Three people we knew came by so we were able to chat but our booth saw almost no action. We are hopeful for the next two days because they are on the weekend and they have promised people will come. We are counting on them to be right.

Last night I was watching the Bill Moyer show; he is a person of integrity who keeps on asking important questions. He had two guests on who have been reporting on the refugee problem caused by 1.6 million leaving Iraq because they feel unsafe due to the war. So far 100, 000 thousand to 1,000,000 Iraqi citizens have be killed and 1.6 million have left this country because of the war. Is there something wrong with the picture here? It doesn’t look like the work of a liberator trying to free a nation? Does it to you?

That is all I am going to say here because I already used up my one rant day this week, which is a self-imposed limit I have placed on myself. I like to write about peace, purpose, the human potential, consciousness, compassion and how to create the life we want. I want to focus on that to empower the best in people. Politics is a very slippery slope. If you are not careful you can get so caught up in it that you forget about all the higher expressions of human nature.

We are political creatures true, but that is only one aspect of the who we are. We are individuals with purpose. We are loved and givers of love. We are family. We are workers and providers. We are dreamers. We are bodies seeking energy and health. We are a huge bundle of thoughts and emotions. We are a soul made up of something higher. We are today with hopes for tomorrow. We are creative and expressive and cautious and controlled. We are so much more to be discovered.

I dream a dream in which a world wakes up, one individual at a time, to its fullest expression and as we all unfold what is now out of balance comes back to center and harmony is returned to a planet that seems lost. Hang on, we are in for a rough ride before things settle down. Together we will make it, if each of us can expand our consciousness and compassion for the good of all humanity.

Think Peace, Be Peace.