2008, Your Best Year Filled With Cheer


Yes 2008 is here and I am filled with great anticipation for this year.  This is what I hope for:

•    That we all open our hearts to more love
•    That we all have more inspiration and feel uplifted by life
•    That every human is filled with the highest consciousness
•    That joy and laughter fills our homes
•    That our health is vibrant and our fitness energizing
•    That we are able to go beyond our self-limiting ideas
•    That each of us fully appreciates our wonderful uniqueness
•    That we allow ourselves to receive all we need, want, desire
•    That peace comes to the world in surprising ways
•    That the Earth heals itself with our assistance
•    That the need for power diminishes and the heart wins out
•    That all life is valued as precious and all try to do no harm
•    That those of different beliefs come together to listen
•    That abundance flows richly in everyone’s lives
•    That we are filled with gratitude for all we have
•    That love is realized as the highest law for all humans
•    That amazing potentials / possibilities are realized for us all
•    That our spirits soars and we spread light out into the world

What are your wishes for 2008?

I look forward to sharing 2008 with you and encouraging and inspiring you to make this the best year of your life.

Peace, Joy, Love and Light to You,