2008 Is Now Waiting For Your Creation

Welcome to 2008 day two.  Are you feeling motivated and excited about this year of opportunity for you?  If so, excellent, if not then it is time to get motivated.  You are the creator of your life and how you experience it.  Sure there are higher forces in play here but those higher forces are in you too.  Are you ready to step up and make this year your best ever?  If you have been following this blog then you have lots of ideas.  I am going to review and remind you of what the key ideas are and then send you out there to make things happen in amazing and wonderful ways.  

First start with the idea that you are extraordinary.  Any other thoughts in your mind are incorrect; these limiting thoughts are just learned beliefs.  Stop any thoughts that are not encouraging and supportive.  This means you have to take control of your mind.  This doesn’t mean you beat yourself up for thinking poorly.  Instead you simply notice limiting thoughts and change them to ones that uplift you, ones that say, “Yes You Can.”

Second is to get your heart and emotions involved.  You know you are going the right direction if you feel: purposeful, alive, energized, enthusiastic, passionate, happy, free, focused, inspired, blissful and more.  Your precious heart is the source of so many great possibilities in you.  Nurture that heart and love everything you can everyday.  The more the heart is open, the more you feel the flow, the better things will go.  Be passionate and loving of what you do, or do something else that is filled with who you are and what you want to do.  

Third listen inward for the guidance that is always there.  This blog is often written by my inner guidance, so if it has spark for you, it is because it comes from the same source as your inner knowing.  There is in you all you ever need to know, there is the wisdom and insight of all humankind and the Universe.  Make a daily, if not moment-to-moment, practice of listening to your higher knowing, your intuition, your Higher Self, God or whatever you sense it to be.  Yes I used the word God here because all that you are is Divine.  Remember you higher, holy nature is your source for all the good you want and the good you send out into the world.  

Now go do it; be the creator; manifest a most incredible 2008 and see yourself one year from now radiant with all your successes.  Imagine this year set your life on fire with purpose, passion and prosperity.  Imagine this year liberated your heart to love fully each day.  Imagine this year was the year you stepped fully into all that you are and now you know the true joy of genuine Self-Realization.  You are awesome.