Send Yourself Into Orbit By Walking In Nature

The last few days have been very cold around here.  In my travels on bike and foot I saw two things in nature that made me take a look and think about the lesson I was being shown.  Nature is a great teacher and I wanted to be good student.   My first observation was late at night on my meditation walk when I came upon a herd of horses all huddled together near a street light.  No this was not downtown, outside a bar, with a bunch of rowdy mustangs.  It is in a pasture near where I live and just North of the Community Center.  It was 7degrees out and they had come together to keep each other warm.  They were all standing there quietly, close by and near the light.  

This scene made me think of how smart these horse were to join together to weather the cold.  They had gathered to deal with adversity and they were drawn to the light.  We humans could learn from that.  We need to all come together to deal with the problems we face rather then war with each other.  We could make use of our collective wisdom to work out any problems.  Standing in the light is the best place to be especially when the forces of darkness like power and greed seem to have such a hold on the world.  The combined wisdom and light of human nature is an incredible force for good.

The second nature lesson was Boulder Creek.  The weather has been so frigid lately that this full flowing stream is mostly covered in ice.  Under the surface is all this current of activity, which only on occasion breaks through to the surface.  I saw several places where the stream had burst out and was flowing with an obvious joyous freedom.  

Does any of this stream of life sound familiar to you?  So much going on and yet so little coming to the surface; or is it the joy of freely expressing who you are?   What comes to mind is how much we keep things contained, under the surface.  In our self-containment do we miss the realization of untapped potential and the passion of a fully actualized purpose?  Isn’t it time we break through the surface and come out into the light of our true brilliance?

Today I would like to invite you to think about who you need to get together with to move into positive action about issues that concern you.  Create your own heard of forces.   

I would also like to invite that brilliance in you to break through the crust of self-limits and let all that you are surge out into life.  Your flow is the place to go; your potential is substantial.   

2008 is here and if you are near; please come out to play in the most wonderful way.

I feel some kind of rhyme thing going here but before I go I want to let you know there were two movies I saw lately that might lift you up.  The first movie was called Once about some people being uplifted by music and second was called The Astronaut Farmer which will send you sky high.  Both films are about following your dreams.  This is the year to make your dreams come true.