That’s One For Obama and One for Hope

Politics is tricky business and most of us have gotten awfully tired of being constantly disappointed by all those that are suppose to represent the people.  Last night the people voting, on the Democratic side in Iowa, said it is time for a change.  The voters felt Senator Obama most represented that possibility for hope.  There are still many battles to fight but this was a good win for those that are looking for inspirational leadership instead of the arrogance we have seen over the last 7 sad years of American history.  Check out Obama’s victory speech here.

What kind of change do you want in government?
  There is so much room for improvement; I hardly know where to begin.  Here are my 10 most important changes needed in America to make it strong again:

1.    Corporate influence in this country must be reduced to a minor roll.  Our democracy is in real trouble because of the enormous forces of greed and power.  Lobbyist far out number elected officials in Washington DC.  That does not work for the benefit of the people.
2.    The needs of the people have to become the priority not the needs of the rich.  As long as the ordinary citizens are not taken care of, in this country, democracy is in name only. 
3.    The US must again join the world community as an active and participating member.  The arrogance of thinking we are the best is so out of place and damaging to all our relationships.
4.    We need cheap available healthcare for every citizen.  Unless we take care of our people, we lack the compassion of all the other modern democratic nations..
5.    It is way past time to get out of Iraq.  Too many on both sides have died for what reason?  The endless damage this has done to our nation and to our reputation around the world must now be repaired.
6.    The Earth needs our help not our continual neglect.  We must now become leaders in the movement to save the planet and save our future.  Thinking for future generations is needed beyond the wants of today.
7.    The election process needs to change.  Money needs to be eliminated as the major influence.  Safe and secure voting is essential to keep this a true Democracy.  All elections need to be by the majority and the electoral college should to be eliminated.
8.    The judicial system needs to be free of partisan politics.  We especially need a Federal Court that is about equal justice for all.
9.    There is no national religion in this country nor should there be.  Ministers and Religious leaders need to get out of trying to influence politics and telling their people how to vote as if they are incapable of making the decisions on their own. 
10.    We need to all come together and become an inspirational leader of the world by our thinking, our technological innovation, our human potential focused education, our tolerance and understanding, and our ways of the heart and compassionate.

What are your ideas for change in America?  How will you get involved to make them happen?   Let’s hope the votes for a positive change in America continue. 

“Some may say I am a dreamer but I am not the only one.

    John Lennon