2008, Time For Some Groovy Grooves

How’s the start of the year going for you?  Are you motivated?  Have you fallen back into your old ways yet?  Have you been tested in your resolve?  There is a very natural occurrence in us humans.  We tend to do things as we have always done them.  That is the power of habit.  One of the goals here in 2008 is to create some new positive habits.  We want to climb out of some of the old grooves because they aren’t working that well and we want to create new pathways for success.

Over the first few days I have seen myself return to some habits that are working for me and some that need revision.  Ones that work for me are my blog writing, which I do first thing when I get up in the morning after spending some time visualizing the outcomes I want to see today.  Another two positive habits are my daily workouts and my daily meditations.  Those are working well but the rest of my day needs some new definition.  I will spend the next few days getting clear about how I want to set myself up for more success by starting some groovy grooves. 

Before you wander off for the day I would like to remind you that first and most important of all is to appreciate yourself.  I am telling you that also as a reminder for myself.  No matter what happens this year, one of the most important things for you to do is to consistently be loving and accepting of who you are.  Without that positive self-regard you will get in your own way of having the kinds of successes you want.  Begin with self–love.

Another key aspect is to get a clear picture of what you want to have happen this year.  I like to make a collage or vision board that will have images of the results I want to create.  This is easy to do.  Get a piece of cardboard, particleboard or poster board and a stack of magazines.  Then start finding pictures and words that fit with your dreams of 2008.  Take those images and create a collage/vision board showing the kinds of outcomes you will manifest.  This vision of what you want will serve as a powerful reminder.   I will put up an example of a collage here on my site later today or tomorrow.


Lastly and with much excitement I have a new video about Kindness, which I wrote and Tayie over at SoulTV.net has done a wonderful job turning into a video.  Please check it out and let me know what you think.  Have a fun and loving weekend.