A Loud Crash of Three Books

I live in a beautiful place at the foot of the Rockies.  The Flatirons are what they call the sharp ridges I can see from my home office.  The other day I wanted to run up closer to the mountains so I ran up into the fog to a place that overlooks the city.  The view was blocked but I was happy to be in the clean air of this elevation.  I love running in the mountains and the feel of my body building strength.  It feels rewarding to me taking on a challenge and pushing my way through to the end.  I think of Rocky Balboa on the stairs with his arms in the air celebrating feeling so alive.  Running down is also fun because I can let loose and feel almost effortless.  This time on the way down in the fog I saw a large coyote out hunting for dinner.  There is something always magical for me when I encounter wild life.  Maybe I remember the wild in me?

I am rambling away today.  I mentioned the idea of searching for books, by letting the books come to you, the other day in my blog.  I want to tell you a story about that today.  As you can probably tell I trust my intuitive guidance.  I grew up in Oregon and one day after returning there from Grad school I was wandering about a large public library, you know the kind with the big columns out front, with marble floors, and very high ceilings.  I was in a section of books with topics that interested me.  As I do sometimes, I just walk and look and see what book wants me to check it out.  

That day a book came flying off the shelf and crashes to the floor near my feet with a loud bang.  The room was full of people at their tables but only one person looked up to see what was going on.  I picked up the book, skimmed the content and thought this is not for me.  The onlooker then joined me and looked at the book and said it was for her.  I thought that was a little weird but said ok to myself and went back to my intuitive receptivity and again another book came flying out and landed on the floor.  The same person looked up and after I looked the book over, she came and said, I think this one is for me also.  That happened again and again she ended up with the book over at her place of study.

I decided it wasn’t my day to have a book request for me to take it home.  Many books had before but never so dramatically have I seen another being shown what to read.  I fully believe that when the student is ready the teach will show up.  In this case the books were the teacher.  Now you are wondering, what does this have to do with you?  Well I will tell you.  There comes often, if you are open, guidance that is made available to you.  It could be a book; the writings of this blog or other blogs; a song or phrase that repeats in your mind; a friend who gives you valuable feedback; a sign that awakens some questions or understanding in you; maybe even a teacher or mentor; or a deep sense of knowing within you.  

There is always guidance if you pay attention.   Paying attention happens when you are open to guidance, aware of yourself and what is going on around you, quiet enough to hear, and receptive to whatever form it may arrive in.  Important guidance, wherever it comes from, feels right deep inside.  Following that guidance will allow you to create the life you would love to live.  

Have a good weekend and be on the lookout for falling books.