Jump Start 2008 If Still On Hold

We are now 10 days into the New Year.  I am excited about all the opportunities that are coming my way.  How do things look for you?  Have you got your 2008 legs under you yet?  Do you feel the focus of a powerful intention or are you wandering about the desert in search of your next path?  Here are some early 2008 reminders:

•    Find a focus and commit to it.  Keep your eye on the ball
•    Slow down and take a long slow series of breaths and open your heart
•    Picture on your internal big screen the life you want, feel it, sense it, in every way you can
•    Take care of your body; keep it fit, rested and well fueled
•    Inspire the mind by opening it to new ideas.  Check out the books mentioned below or go to the bookstore or library and let a book pick you.  You will be amazed at this experiment
•    Plan some time to express your playfulness, be creative, sing, dance, paint, shoot hoops, or whatever fires you up with fun
•    Listen to the river of purpose and possibility that wants to express through you and your life
•    Nurture your spirit in meditation, prayer, silence, nature or whatever takes you higher
•    Pay attention to the beat of your emotions as they guide your each step.   Follow what opens you up and avoid what closes you down
•    Allow, Allow, Allow, Be open to receive the gifts of the Universe which are just outside your door
•    Seek to understand and have compassion for All others
•    Notice where you feel gratitude in you and your world and say thank you by being joyous in your appreciation for life

If that list doesn’t stir you, call for emergency resuscitation.  Get the mind medics to jolt you back to life with charges of inspiration.  You are awesome, so start hanging out there.

A Mind Medic is on call and awaiting your emails at explorelifeblog@inbox.com.   Joy to you this day.