Establishment Wins This Round

I have some brief comments on the results in New Hampshire.  I am surprised, as most are, by the showing of John McCain and Hillary.  They seem like the establishment choices for the November election and they came through with the voters in this primary.  I will be very disappointed if we see these two pro Iraq war candidates battle it out in the fall.  This country is way past ready to get us out of this incredibly unnecessary mess.  

There are so many issues that need to be explored with a depth of wisdom, with open minds, with compassionate hearts and free of vested influences.  I am looking for inspired leadership to lift us up and I suspect so are many others.  Who to you represents the best possibility to be an inspired leader?

I just read the CNN Headlines and Bush said, "Iran was a threat to world peace."  I think he needs to look in the mirror and see the real threat.