Metaphysical Construction Zone – Barrier Removal

Inner work can be very unsettling.  I forgot about that when I headed off to Martha’s for her version of how to grow past the blocks within me.  I am back from that experience and I feel confused and full of new stuff to sort out.  I crossed paths with some doubts that have held me back for much of my adult life and under those was an even bigger doubt that has left me feeling unsure and a little fragile. 

The benefit of the inner work is that it gives you and I information about who we are and how we stop ourselves.  The challenge is often that the “you in charge” is primarily unconscious and often irrational.   These limiting beliefs have their origins in our earlier years where we make decisions based on inadequate information and those decisions shape who we are oftentimes for life.  This thought quagmire is an odd human evolution.  Even though I have a doctorate in Psychology and have counseled others for over 30 years, I am still amazed at how difficult these faulty beliefs are to uproot.  There are many ideas about how that is done but no tried and true ones that I can find, and I have looked extensively.

Today I was introduced to another method and it seemed to be of value even though my rational mind felt caught up in a word storm of concepts.  I left feeling a little lost and will seek out my Higher Self to help guide me through the unknown.  One of the questions I face and I suspect you may too is that there can be a variety of inner voices attempting to guide me.  The ego wants to be in charge and is always ready to guide me. Unfortunately the ego is run by fear and a need to control.  Not quite what I would call impartial.  My Higher Self is and can be very useful and at other times it seems less empowered to help me.  I suspect the times that Self is less helpful is more a product of the ego blocking or rusty, stinky, old thoughts immovably in the way. 

My first step is to sort out all the thoughts and emotions that are coming up for me.  If I listen quietly inward I can get a sense of how my inner landscape has been disrupted.  From there I can write about new insights or explore the deeper questions present. I will let you know what I discover.  Also let me know if you can identify with what I am writing about.  Please leave a comment below or if you want more privacy, email me at  I welcome your insights.