An Extraordinary Day With Three Resources

Today is an exciting day for me.  I love the politics of the primaries and New Hampshire has become the focus of the nation.  There is change stirring because America is ready.  Can you feel that urging of the Nation?  It is time to set out on a new course where the people matter; where the higher values of open minded and compassionate human beings take back the reigns of a country that has been lead astray.

I am also excited because I am having a session with Martha who does inner work called I Am Source facilitation.  My wife and I met Martha at one of the fairs where we were selling our peace t-shirts and advocating for a peaceful world.  She gave a bunch of our shirts for Christmas gifts and we each got a session in exchange.  I so much enjoy exploring new methods that will assist me to be a more loving and self-realizing human being.  Learning and growing makes me feel alive and on purpose.  

I will have more to say about both the primary and the inner work tomorrow.  There is bound to be good news from both.

Thirdly I am excited about three resources that I believe you will find valuable in 2008.  I must admit to being addicted to reading.  I always have about 3-6 books going at once and I just enjoy soaking in the inspiration of people who I feel have something of value to say.  

The first book is one I mentioned before and I wanted to mention it again.  It is Eat, Pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  This is a wonderful book about living a life fully.  I am in the Pray section of the book and a quote jumped out at me as such a powerful affirmation of who we all are.  “God dwells within you, as you.”  To me this quote means that we are okay just as we are, as a matter of fact more than okay, we are Divine.  I appreciate this reminder.  How about you?

The second book is called Instant Enlightenment: Fast Deep and Sexy by David Deida. This guy’s ideas, in this simple and brief book, will stretch you mind, heart and spirit in ways that frankly you might find surprising.  This author is willing to look at life in ways that most have not yet discovered.  Take a plunge and enjoy the journey.  

The third book is by Ross Bishop and it is called the Journey of Enlightenment.  I got this book to review it by a publisher who came upon my blog.  Ross is someone I would like to meet because we seem to walk some very similar paths.  His book has 13 life principles that you will find of real value.  I am only part way through the book and will mention more later.  It is hot off the presses and I suggest you go to Amazon and get yourself a copy.

Now lets settle in and see how this day works out with the inner work and our nations revival.  I am going off to read some more of all three of these books.  Have a day with lots of heart and one that makes your soul do some dancing.