Monday Morning Tea With Doubt

This morning as I was preparing to write this blog, I sense a small inkling of self-doubt so I new things were stirred up in me this Monday early.  To overcome the social conditioning I have received is a battle I sometimes face.  Today self-doubt, which was heavily planted in me from my 12 years of Catholic schools, has come to have morning tea with me.  Just for a moment doubt wants to take me from the now and thrust me back into the many ill programmed questions of deserving, of not being good enough or whatever nonsense those adults tried to feed me.   I unfortunately was an open book so their ideas sank in.  I didn’t know better then.  

Being a conscious human means to know when you are different then your programming
.  I know this arising of self-doubt is only a learned response to the unknown that faces me today and everyday.  Most days I go forward with intention and feel excited and ready to create.  Today’s herbal tea inner conversation is about stepping past the fear and doubt and going forward with purpose and passion.  As I write this I feel energized by the purpose that flows through me and uplifted beyond the conditioning.  I do not blame others for they only shared what they thought was the truth.  They had not awakened from their own unquestioning mind.  

From here I will plan out my day free of sense of lack in myself.  That lack is just a thought and it is easily dissolved by light and love.  I feel my heart open again to myself and I sense the light has brightened the cerebral hallway.  Things are good again because I realize, in this moment, that I create my reality.   

Don’t let the old limiting ideas in you hold you back any longer.  You can get past those barriers by noticing them as not you now, then you focus on who you are with lots of heart and filled with purpose.  With heart and intention you set yourself free to be the inventor of you life experience.  Have fun and enjoy the miracle of life.

There are two ways to love life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle
Albert Einstein

Here is the challenge.
Stop. Look. Listen
Nothing is in the way
Spontaneously, life is bursting forth
Steven Harrison