Images Have Power and So Do Ideas

I love images so I created the collage below to remind me of people and ideas that are important.   When shaping your 2008 it is essential that you have clear images of what you want to happen.  Please take the time to put together some pictures and words that can lift you up when you get off track.  

This collage is on particleboard that I painted first to give it a background of colors.  The pictures I chose are to remind me that my inner life is a key ingredient in creating the life I want.  Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Buddha are inspiring heroes to me.  There are also images of hearts, peace, and the spirit of inspiration.

What matter to you?  What words, people and images can take you higher?

Here are some words I thought of this morning as I was thinking about my blog today.  These ideas would transform our lives and the planet.  Consider defining them in your own way and integrate them into your life?


Enjoy your day and be you as fully and with as much fun as you can.