You Must Question What Is Going On

I was moved to write a blog questioning what is going on and about the tragedy that is Marion Jones.  She was once a great athlete, who is now going to jail for six months.  She will be taken away from her two children for lying to federal prosecutors and punished.  Why has America become so obsessed with putting people in prison?   Did you know that we put more people in prison percentage wise than any other modern democracy?  Prison does nothing positive for anyone.  Punishment like this for a victimless crime is inhumane and without heart.  America as a Prison Nation is lacking true compassion.  

Now I want to ask about why some truly terrible things are going on with extensive lying to the people, the Congress, and the federal government and there has been no consequences?  How come these people are not held responsible for their acts?

What about the President lying the United States into the Iraq war?
What about Cheney and his endless lies?
What about Congress and their neglect of their duty to provide checks and balances on the Executive branch?
What about 150,000 to 1,000,000 Iraqis who have died for what reason?
What about the Blackwater private army being able to act beyond the laws of what is right and wrong?
What about Halliburton’s outrageously costs in charges in Iraq?
What about the President lying about torture?
What about the President lying about spying on America?
What about the subversion of justice for those being held as “enemy combatants”?
What about the new Attorney General who won’t investigate what is going on in our government?
What about US government borrowing from China to pay for its war debt and selling America’s future?
What about the phony “scientific” studies paid for by the oil industries to say there is no global warming?
What about the endless stream of lies from elected officials and corporations in the pursuit of greed and power?

All these lies, dishonesty and neglect of duty need to brought to justice.  That does not mean they should all be put in prison but they should all be held accountable.  

Come on America, let’s ask questions and find our hearts again
.  Let’s insist that people who represent us and do business with our government be honest and respectful of our country and human life.  These endless lies must stop and the greed and hunger for power must be put aside or America will be a once great nation.  It is time to stop this obsession with punishment and instead help heal those that have lost their way.  A nation guided by the hearts of its people can thrive and wars can finally end.

Peace and Love to everyone on the planet.