Why Are You Here?

It is Sunday and many people go to church on this day.  I do not, nor does my wife or many of the people we know.  I am a deeply spiritual person, in my own way, but not a religious person.  I attended religious schools when I was a child and on through high school.  I read the Bible and thought it was just a uninteresting collection of stories by men, not the word of God.  I went to church regularly until college and then I stopped going.  Church had lost meaning for me because what the priest said may no sense to my mind and left my heart searching for more to experience.  As an adult I have gone to a few churches in different places I have lived.  These churches were less dogmatic and more open-minded but they didn’t seem to touch me at a level that made me want to join.   

Religion seems to be about people in community sharing beliefs.  I am less willing to share beliefs because I question beliefs and am more interested in finding truth.   Truth to me is a very individual journey.  Sure people can share truths but these truths are more an inner awareness than a shared belief.  Does that make sense to you?  I know what feels like truth to me is unique to me although others may share in these truths.  The following are my truths about why I am here in this life:

I am here to love
I am here to be joyous
I am here to give
I am here to be of service to others
I am here to be kind
I am here to be conscious
I am here to realize my unique potential
I am here to live my purpose
I am here to be creative
I am here to be open and understand
I am here to listen
I am here to appreciate the natural world around me
I am here to enjoy the uniqueness of others
I am here to value the life of other living things
I am here to be a global citizen
I am here to spread peace
I am here to have compassion
I am here to encourage and inspire
I am here to eat and enjoy
I am here to laugh and smile
I am here to feel all that arises in me
I am here to be supportive
I am here to follow my bliss
I am here to feel gratitude
I am here to run in the mountains and along the ocean
I am here to care for my body and heart
I am here to nurture my spirit
I am here to be guided by my soul’s journey
I am here to be on fire with passion
I am here to explore each day
I am here to find the Divine in me and beyond
I am here to write to you and say you are awesome

Why are you here?