Is Greatness Calling You?

What has been stirred up in you lately?  What needs further expression in your life?  I ask these questions because I want to encourage you to pay attention to what is going on inside of you.  There is inside of you the urge to expressing your potential, to explore your self-realization, and sometimes even the strong calling to be great.   Is any of this going on even though it may feel like struggle, stuckness, a lack of focus, or doubt; it could be a part of you that feels clamped down or held back from expression.  I am saying these things because you and I are the only ones that really hold us back.  This is where another perspective on your journey can be very helpful.  

Another viewpoint can come from reading, there are many books out there that will help you see from a broader point of view.  Another viewpoint can come from meditation or sitting quietly and listening, past the endless monologue of thoughts, to the deeper knowing within you.  Other viewpoints can come from those around you who can give you supportive feedback.  Those that care about you see your blocks better than you do.  If you feel ready another great source is through counseling or coaching.  

I have a coach who helps me expand my viewpoints and is very supportive and encouraging.  I also provide coaching services and have for many years.  I love helping people explore all the purpose, passion and potential they have inside.  Send me an email if you want to find out more  That was a self-promotion and I do that because I tend to undersell who I am and what I have to offer.  I want to be more bold and step more fully into offering all that I have to give.  I suggest you and I and everyone do the same.  I want to be less self-limiting in 2008.  How about you?

One of the things I am working on this year comes from the influence of the Abraham-Hicks CD’s.  I love listening to them because they keep my mind open and thinking in ways that I feel are very expansive for me.  I encourage you to explore these readings or find ones that work for you.  Hearing other voices share ideas that take me higher is very helpful.  

I have another suggestion that I have found very helpful in moving beyond my self-limits.   Create your own affirmative statement or mantra that you repeat to yourself throughout the day.  I see certain reoccurring themes in my life and a mantra or affirmation can serve as a breaking ball or vibration that will help dissolve what is holding me back.  I use the image of the breaking ball because I need some strong medicine to get past some old deep-rooted beliefs that for too long have held me back.  Do you have some old limiting beliefs buried in the unconscious that you need to bash into smithereens?  

I do and my affirmation/mantra will accomplish the breakthrough for me:  “I Am loving, allowing, open and receiving the abundance of the Universe.”  Each word has meaning to me.  “I Am” is an affirmation of my higher nature.  “Loving” is what I am here to do and means my heart is fully engaged in manifesting.  “Allowing” is being open to my greater good and to leap past the old beliefs holding me back.  “Open” means I am keeping my mind and heart open which is the optimal state.  “Receiving” is to remind me that I do deserve and there is much available if I am open to receive.  “Abundance” means there is an unlimited supply of all that I need, want and desire out there ready for me.  “Universe” is the Source, the Great Creator, God, Higher Power or whatever you call the infinite source of all.  

Write out and explore a power statement for you and when you got one that feels right, have it travel with you throughout 2008.  You will be amazed as you watch your life being transformed.  Let me know how it goes.  I will keep you informed along the way as to how it is going for me.