Inside Is a Storm Brewing, It Is A Life With Purpose

There is a storm brewing in this part of the country.  The morning sunrise was glowing red and the wind is howling as I compose this blog.  There is something invigorated inside of me when nature outside is charged with activity.  I feel alive with energy and purpose.  Maybe it is my nature that is storming inside?  Do you feel the storm of passion brewing in you?

Today is the actual birthday of Martin Luther King.  Dr King was a powerful inspiration for me when I was a teenager.  His “I Have A Dream” speech still rings through my cells.  His work for justice and peace encourages me as I work for peace.  I write often on this blog about ideas for inner peace and self-realization in the hopes that when each of us feels positive about our own lives then we can be forces for peace in the world.  

It is my hope that the storm brewing in this country for equal justice and for accountability in government will be guide by the people for the people and the health of the nation.  In each of us there are our own storms brewing.  Pay attention to the callings you have, the feeling stirred, the intuitive sense of the truth, and to your own passion filled heart.  Your wisdom and compassion are needed.

This afternoon I am giving a talk to a group of community activist and I am excited to have the opportunity to stir the forces for positive change.  I want to share with them the importance of living with purpose, having a clarity of focus and taking action from the place of inner peace and higher guidance.  People with heart and focus will change the world.

Have a good day and live with passion and purpose.