I Spell Relief: O P E N I N G

The world we live in gives us feedback about how we are doing.  When there is love in our life, it is because our heart is open. When we feel excited about life, it is because we are listening inward and following our guidance.  When money comes our way, it is because we allow it in.  The opposite is also true.  If our lives are lacking love than most likely our hearts are not open.  If we don’t like our life, than we may not be paying attention to our inner guidance.  If the money flow is low, that we may be limiting ourselves.

This feedback system of the universe is a very valuable way to know where we are open and receptive, and where we have self-limiting ideas or beliefs.   I mentioned this because I have great flows in some areas of my life and in other areas there seems to be feedback that I have limits placed on myself.  I deeply appreciate this feedback because my goal is to be as fully realized as I can be.  One flow that is not as abundant as I would like is in the area of money.  I have enough to get by, but not enough to feel prosperous and to enjoy financial freedom.  This low flow is feedback, so I went searching for answers.  

As I reported the other day, I went to see someone who helps people explore their blocks.  This process can be humbling and definitely not for those who have fragile egos.  I left with a number of ideas and much confusion.  So I went to someone who I thought could help me take this information further.  My coach is a very exceptional human being who always invites the best out in me.  I work in this kind of positive way with my clients too so it is only right I would get the same kind of support and encouragement.   

She helped me see how my own exploration hadn’t taken the process deep enough to release my own blocks.  I now have some work to do and some specifics to work with.  I am rolling up my sleeves and getting right at it.  This morning I spent several hours listening inward for guidance and insight and then journaled as I explored.  I want to be free of all my limiting beliefs and ideas and I will work at it until I am.

This may be more than you want to know about my issues but I am sharing them because I would guess that you to might be holding yourself back?  If you are and are willing to look at what is going on then now is a good time to dig deeper.  This year is awaiting and you and I have things to do.  Are you ready to take full responsibility for creating the life you want?  Say goodbye to blame and complaining and get into gear.  You will be very glad you did even if the journey has a few potholes along the way.

Let me know if I can be of assistance and please share your breakthroughs because we can all benefit from your insights.