How About Some Guidelines For Your Roadblocks?

In my exploration of my inner roadblocks, I have come upon an interesting kind of sneaky theme that plays through me.  The theme is, “Hang in there and get through this.”  I caught myself running this theme the other day and I thought, wow this theme feels awfully familiar.   When I have an awareness, like discovering this inner theme, my natural curiosity is to go looking in my interior of thoughts and beliefs and see where I signed up for this idea.  In other words, how did this phrase become some kind of guiding idea in my life?  It was only just the other day when I got a glimpse that this dominating phrase was part of my inner guidance system.  I have been on the planet for 50 plus years and I just found out that this, “hang in there and get through this,” is what I use to make it through life’s challenges.   Maybe even a theme of how to make it through life in general.

Here I go again giving you more information about my inner workings than you may want.  I am fascinated by the endless variety of themes, ideas, beliefs and decisions we all have as part of our inner landscape.  Just the idea, that after all these years of introspection, out from the shadow comes a prominent theme in my life.  This discovery reminds me of how much the unconscious runs our lives.   I write often about ways we limit ourselves and too often those limits are unconscious.  So light needs to be shed on those limiting ideas and beliefs if we want to be free.   

I have more exploring to do around this theme that has been brought out into the light.  I will do that over the next week or so and open myself a little more to being more fully present and free in the moment.  I will let you know if any interesting insights are to follow concerning this “hanging in there” theme.   I do suspect that theme is more about getting past the present than being fully in it.  This brings up an alert reaction in me, because I know this theme means I most likely am limiting myself in some way?  
Now I want to follow up on the idea of our unconscious and its power over our lives.   I find myself wondering how did we as humans evolve to have this section on our inner hard drive that runs us and we are mostly unaware of the programming.  Curious question of which, I do not have an answer.   So what do we do with this information?  I want to endorse the idea that the more you and I shed light on the unconscious programming the freer we are to make choices about our life.  That is the whole theme of psychotherapy and personal growth in a nutshell.  

I know I am rambling about in my writing today because I am just letting the flow guide me toward some helpful hints for you and me.  Here is what I want to encourage in us:

•    Each day take time to listen inward and get to know the dominant themes in your inner dialogue
•    Take quiet time to listen to any behind the scene strategies on the inner hard drive.
•    Remember you are the programmer and start to be conscious of how you program yourself throughout the day
•    Always be kind to yourself in this exploration.  You deserve love and compassion even as you realize how much you get in your own way.
•    If you get stuck, go talk to people who can listen and ask thoughtful questions.  Sometime counseling can get you past a stuck spot quickly.
•    Notice your reactions to ideas and situations because your reactivity is part of that programming
•    Pay attention to the results you are creating in your life, those too are part of your programming
•    Listen to your heart’s feedback, is it opening or closing in any given situation.  Closing is most often part of unconscious programming.
•    See relationships as great doorways into the unconscious. Those themes that come up with those you love are filled with your unconscious programming.
•    Let go of any judgments or criticisms of yourself and instead take this exploration on like a detective trying to solve the mystery of who you are.
•    Keep in mind that those past decisions about life can be updated in the moment.  Change any unwanted themes into new programming that will enhance your life.
•    The more open you are to seeing inside the more the light will go on and the more you will create a consciously directed life.

There that should keep you busy for the rest of your life. I don't mean to make you busy.  I see this all as part of life's journey.  Let me know what you discover along the way. I hope you find these ideas helpful and that you gain the awareness and insights you need to make your life a joy to live.