I Am New In the Now

It is a cold sunny morning here like it most morning during the winter.  As I write this I am preparing myself to go out for a run and try to keep from getting too chilled in the process.  Sometimes doing what you know is best for you takes a lot of effort.   This past week or so of inner work has left me feeling a little overwhelmed at times and also excited about the insights I have been gaining.  This morning I will take more time in the exploration for my inner freedom from self-limitation.  

When I am all stirred up inside and my thoughts are running around looking for connections to other streams of understanding, I often turn to reading for ways to sort out what is unclear.  This morning I would like to share with you some quotes that are uplifting.  I am ready to be taken higher and I thought you might enjoy the same.   Have a wonderful day and let your love shine.

My identity as a human being has created human experiences; my identity as a spiritual being creates experiences of love and fulfillment – true success.    John Randolph Price

Whatever you pay attention to will grow
Nothing is random – your life is full of signs and symbols
Your inner awareness is always evolving
The directions of life is from duality to unity
If you open yourself to the force of evolution, it will carry you where you want to go.
   Thoughts from Deepak Chopra

Eternity is now.  By learning to “lose track of time” through present focus, we begin to discover hidden dimensions to everyday experiences, which have always been there for us, but have been veiled by our being time-bound.  This moment is a doorway into eternity.   Ram Dass

Something living, something real is taking place in everything.
Chogyam Trungpa

The dreamer and his dream are the same . . . the powers personified in a dream are those that move the world.  
Joseph Campbell

I am new in the now.   Penny Peirce