For A Nation To Be Great

The United States is a country that is full of opportunity.  Many people in this country proudly believe we are the greatest nation on the planet.  Martin Luther King believed in America but he also challenged some of its ways.  He was a great spokesperson for the higher path of peace, freedom and justice.  Now days there needs to be others who will take up the call to challenge this country and other nations to raise themselves up by living according to the higher laws of compassion, freedom, equality and peace.  The following is a list of ideas that will help America grow great again:

1.    Make the tax laws fair so the rich pay their share
2.    Stop subsidizing oil, corporate farms, military-industrial complex, the wealthy, and everyone else who is given an unfair advantage by these policies
3.    End the huge mistake called the war in Iraq immediately
4.    Become peaceful inside and start listening to your heart
5.    Make sure every American has affordable health care
6.    Stop all programs that are involved in domestic spying
7.    Get rid of the enemies list of Americans put together by the White House
8.    Stop putting so many Americans in prison
9.    Make all elections free of money influence, free access to radio and TV and federal funding is a good place to start
10.    Make sure every vote is counted and there is a paper trail for all voting machines
11.    Do not allow torture for any reason, ever, by our country
12.    Require all politicians to tell the truth or they are removed from office
13.    Demand that there by total transparency in government, end the practices of secrecy
14.    Hold all elected official accountable for debt they create
15.    Have education as a priority by making it about bringing out the best in all students
16.    Join the world community instead of acting superior to it
17.    Become the leading nation in protecting the environment
18.    Hold corporations accountable to their communities and for the good of the people instead of profits
19.    End judicial appointments due to political ideology, demand impartiality
20.    Make sure that all people are equally represented by the laws of this country
21.    Always be on the lookout for those who would take away our freedom through promoting fear and in the name of security
22.    Eliminate the Federal Reserve and replace it with something that is regulated by the people
23.    Stop spreading hate on our airwaves, stop listening to those that speak of other human beings in unkind and judgmental ways
24.    Stop watching news that is based on sensationalism and fear
25.    Avoid watching TV shows that are mindless and instead stimulate your mind to think more expansively
26.    Become a truly compassionate nation where the people and their well-being is the top priority

This list gives us much to work on as a nation.  A healthy country is one that knows it must continue to grow and improve in every way it can.