Trusting Your Other Ways of Knowing

How are things going for you so far in 2008?  Have you got your focus going?  What is getting in the way from taking your life to the next level?  There are lots of questions you can ask yourself but for now let’s put your thinking on the back burner and feel what is going on inside.  What has your heart, your gut, you inner knowing, your senses been trying to tell you lately?  I ask this because if you just count on your thinking to get you going successfully you are not going to have the results you want.  

First let’s look at your heart.  Your heart feels open when you are going in the right direction.  If it feels closed down and protected then you need to look for ways to redirect yourself.  The heart is telling you when you are moving toward the higher state of expansion or when you are backing away towards what is safe and familiar.   The ego protecting heart always chooses the safer path.  The urge toward realization and expansion in your heart is the call towards all that is possible in you.

Your stomach/gut is another checkpoint worth paying attention to when wanting to move forward in life.  Again the tightness or looseness is part of the reading of the gut instinct.  If you tighten in your stomach fear is there, wanting you to be cautious.  If you feel relaxed in the stomach than you know you are ok with the direction you are heading.  The gut instinct will often present you with more reliable feedback than your ever-chaotic mind is capable of giving.

The inner knowing within you is more of a general sense of things.  It is not necessarily located in any particular part of your body but is more a whole body experience or feels like guidance from your higher self or your spirit.  This larger knowing is best paid attention to in times when you quiet down enough to hear what is trying to guide you.  You will find this type of guidance is always available if you are willing to take the time to listen.  I find journaling works the best of me to tune in to this knowing.  

Lastly there is the feedback of your senses.  You eyes open to messages as you pass through your day.  Things like signs appear, words jump out at you, or pictures give you messages you wouldn’t have seen before.  You sense of hearing can also more acutely pick up words, phrases, songs and other auditory guidance.  You sense of smell can tell you when things are safe or dangerous.  You can smell trouble or opportunity in the air.  The sense of touch/feeling can also be very helpful.  You can feel the energy around situations and people.  When you get cold hands you may be closing down to protected.   Touching another will let you know how receptive they are to connecting with you.  Even you taste can let you know when things are turning sour on you or tasting like a sweet situation.

I hope awareness of these totally accessible feedback systems will provide you with the guidance you need for creating the life you want.   As you let yourself explore how helpful these inner ways of knowing can be, you will learn to trust them even more.  With trust the messages will be even clearer and before long you will find yourself guided when and wherever you need it.

Journey well today as you listen to all that is wanting to guide you. 
  Let me know if I can be of assistance.