You Are Something Bigger

I have some things to share today I think you might find interesting.  This morning I finished a novel I very much enjoyed.  I have always been drawn to stories that tap into a higher place in me.  Breakfast With Buddha by Roland Merullo is one of those kind of books.  Merrullo is an excellent storyteller and his main character seems to think and feel in ways that seem real to me.  In this novel the character telling the story finds himself traveling back to the place of his birth with a very interesting travel companion, an Eastern European Monk.   How they interact and have fun together is joy of exploration and journey of opening. Merullo’s other novel I also enjoyed is called Golfing With God.  

Another sharing I have is a website called Stumble Upon.  I love this site because you can go there and let the universe present you with an endless array of information via other sites.  I go to Stumble Upon when I need to stir my imagination, get ideas, or open to a bigger flow of creativity, guidance and thinking outside the box.  I have Stumble Upon on my navigation bar now because I enjoy visiting it so much.  

Next I want to share a bit more of my inner journey hoping it resonates with you.  I have seen some things about myself that I want to question.  When I do the questioning I have been surprised by some of what I learn.  One is that I tend to be harder on myself and see how old messages run me.  Another is that if I get past the judgment, I often get a glimpse of myself as being more expansive than I give myself credit.  That is a pleasant discovery.  I also have been reminded by this inner tune-up that I very much enjoy the exploration of myself as a way to be more self-realized.   I feel like this self-exploration is so essential to me at many levels.  You know, the stuff of purpose, passion and the meaning of life.  

I will make this sharing of my journey more a part of my blog as I learn and grow.  Please take the opportunity to also see that my journey is the human journey and most likely relevant to you own path through the challenges, possibilities and potholes of life.  

If something I write resonates with you please leave a comment so myself and my readers can benefit.  If I am banging my head against the door in search of insight and you have the key, please let me know what you know.  I feel ultimately that I want to be as conscious a human being as I can be.  The more we all step into our light the brighter the future for the planet.

I want to end with the words of the traveling monk in the story I started the blog with today:  “There are people,” he said, “who are past being hurt, beyond being hurt.  You should know this is true.  You should try to become one of those people, to make an understanding with yourself that you are not your body, that you are something bigger.  That is your work on this Earth, do you see?  Every experience here is to teach you to do that.  Living, dying, every experience.”