Pax, Peace and Love

This weekend something really special happened, we got a wonderful dog from the Humane Society here in Boulder.   About 14 months ago we lost our last dog who was very precious.  My wife began to check the websites of the various dog shelters the last three months and we finally found a dog we wanted and he was right in our community.  We named him Pax, which means Peace.  He is a six-month-old Otterhound mix.  He has a wonderful disposition and already is learning new ways of behaving.  My wife has trained her past dogs and we both got several books to read on the best training methods.  Pax has really enriched are lives already with his happy, spunky and loving ways.  

I was noticing how my heart, has already been touched by this wonderful little guy.   I feel grateful to have my heart open up even more.   He had been a runaway and I just can’t believe someone let this beautiful little puppy get away.  This breed is known for their strong character and maybe he decided where he was at, wasn’t what he wanted.  He seems very content here.  My wife and I are very happy to have him join our family.

Do you have a pet?  How do they enrich your life?  If you are feeling like you have room to give more love, then your local humane society or shelter is a place you need to go visit.   Just walking through the place will open you up to feelings that may have gone quiet in you.  I have gone to several shelters in the last few weeks and was surprised to see such a wonderful variety of dogs and so many personalities.  I am sure there is one there waiting for you.  

This all brings me to what feels most important to me; being a loving, open, giving, receiving, kind and compassionate human being.  The world needs lots of people like you and I: people who want to love and understand; people who care about people and other living things; people who are open in mind and heart to the uniqueness and diversity of others; people who understand that we are all connected at a deep level; and people who are aware enough to know that true joy and happiness comes from an open heart.  

I will keep you updated about Pax the Peace Dog (he just stopped by for a visit and to say hi and then ran back upstairs to play some more with his toys) as our relationship with him grows and as we learn from each other.  Have a good week and enjoy the love you have in your life.