Your Feedback and Full Expression Is Requested

My goal for the second year of my blogging is to continue to grow.  I want to be of more service to my readers; generate more traffic to the site; and have more comments.  In February my blog will be one year old and I am excited by all the positive responses I have received.  My goal was and is to encourage and inspire people to enrich their lives and together make this world a better place.   I want to ask for feedback about how I can to continue to improve.  Your responses would be greatly valued.  You can leave your feedback in the comment section below or email me at   

Which topic areas are you most interested in:
On a piece of paper, in an email, or in the comment section below, please rate the topics on a scale of 1 to 5,  1 (very interested) to 5 (not interested)  
Self-development _____
Spirituality and Consciousness _____
Success Strategies  _____
Living Creatively _____
Inspirational and Intuitive _____
Observations of Life _____
Observations of Nature _____
Health Ideas for Mind, Body and Emotions _____
Peace _____
Progressive Politics _____
Social Activism _____
Other suggestions ___________________________________

Your feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated.  

As you well know if you have read this blog, I am passionate about life, love, peace, consciousness, compassion, creativity, freedom, success, purpose, and making a positive difference in the world.   I want to leave you with a thought today about you and your power to make a difference.

There is within you on a particle level some of Socrates, Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, Alexander the Great, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and every other great and inspirational leader.  You cells contain the entire history of humankind.  You heart has the wisdom of eternal love.  Your consciousness contains the consciousness of all of life ever.  Your soul is a direct link to the Great Creator.   Yes, you have all that and more yet to be understood and explored.  Yes, you are well prepared and fully equipped to live your purpose in ways that can transform us all.

You at your amazing best are needed today in the world.  We are all in great anticipation of your full expression.