Edwards Is Gone, What About Those He Spoke Up For?

John Edwards is pulling out of the presidential race today.  He was speaking up against the huge influence of corporate power in this country and also spoke to the needs of the less fortunate.  His ideas will be missed in the upcoming debates.
That got me thinking about the absolute importance of people speaking up for the issues that matter to them.  Who speaks for the less fortunate in our country?  Who looks out for the people in general?  Who pays attention to those who need health care?  Who says people matter more than special interests?  Who looks out for the earth?  Who speaks up for equal justice for all?  Who questions what is going on and is it for the greater good?  Who speaks for future generations?  Who cares about those that need compassion and understanding?  Who represents the agenda of love and kindness?  

That “who” would be you and I. There are many who speak for the big interests, the corporations, and the powerful organizations.  They have their way too often at a big cost to those in need, those less fortunate, those who seek to live by higher values instead of power and greed.  It is time for us to speak up and speak out.  That means finding an issue that you can get excited/passionate about and get involved.

I can see a number of issues that need us to be empowered citizens.  Which one of these matter most to you:

1.    Low cost Healthcare for everyone
2.    Earth-care for the planet
3.    Peace
4.    End torture
5.    Equal Justice for all
6.    Education
7.    Funding and Securing Elections
8.    Clean air and water
9.    End Hunger
10.  End influence in government
11.  Housing
12.  Diversity and Appreciation of Differences
13.  Urban Renewal
14.  Humane Treatment of Mental Health and Recovery  Issues
15.  Humane Care For Animals
16.  Prison Reform
17.  Social Justice
18.  Consumer Protection
19.  Safety In The Workplace
20.  Freedom of Speech and The Right of Dissent
21.  Poverty
22.  Separation of Church and State
23.  Conflict of Interests
24.  Adult Education, Literacy, Retraining
25.  Innovations for Energy

These are just a few of the issues that need our attention, our speaking up, our advocacy, our energy, our focus, our time, our resources.  What matters too you is where you need to put your energy for all of us and for future generations.  Let’s consider those that will take our place on the planet and then the ones for the next seven generations.
You passion is needed today and your action is needed for tomorrow.