This Is The Start To Something Great

January is slipping through our fingers and February is knocking at the door.  How was the first month of 2008 for you?  Are you where you want to be as far as making this year your best ever?  I know I am not.  I have been struggling with a need for a better, more productive focus.  I have to make things happen in a more proactive way.  How about you,  are you focused and active in making things happen?

Maybe I needed a little challenge to stir my inner forces.   I feel like I am doing lots of positive things in the directions I want to go but the results are less then the spectacular I was hoping for.  Ok, that means it is time for me to take more action in ways that can stir things up.  Here is my plan:

•    Begin each day taking time to tune in and hear my intuition, my inner guidance as to the best actions to take.  
•    Then imagine the results I want, activating my mind, heart and senses.
•    Set up a plan for actions to be taken that day
•    Take the actions and feel how that feels to make thing happen
•    See what follow ups are necessary and do those
•    Set up a way to measure the results
•    At the end each day acknowledge the efforts and feel gratitude
•    During the day, eat healthy, workout, and take some time to continue growing through reading, creative expression, & be loving to those you care about
•    Do all of this daily 5-6 days per week, take at least one day off to play, relax and enjoy
•    Watch the positive results pour in.  

For 25 days (one day off per week) of February I will follow this plan and I invite you to do so also and then lets see what we kind of amazing results we can create.  I will keep you updated.  Please let me know how it goes with you.  

Speaking of updates my new puppy Pax is a total joy for my wife and I.  He is smart, energetic, and pure love in action.  What a wonderful blessing to have another companion like that in life.  My wife Bobbi and Pax fill my days with love.

Have a good end of the month and a great February.  This is the start of something great.