How About A National Kindness Campaign?

It is February and I have kindness as a theme that keeps running through my mind and heart.  I have been watching and reading about politics lately and I keep on thinking that kindness and compassion are so needed in the world.  I know I have written about these ideas recently but I feel the inner calling to write more about kindness and compassion.

Kindness on the level of self and family makes everyone feel better.  Kindness in your community makes the community friendlier and more interactive.  Kindness on a national level has the potential to bring us all together.  Let me tell you how that can work.   First the heart is the key here.  Kindness as strategy developed by people in their minds will not work.  Kindness coming from our hearts can make a really big difference.  Think about healthcare and our nation being kind enough to make sure everyone is provided with the care they need.  Feel what it would be like if kindness was our major strategy for dealing with conflict.  

The only kind of killing I would favor is killing people with kindness.  The heart and understanding can always win out.  Yes I know I probably I go on about this too much but frankly I suspect everyone knows deep inside that kindness and compassion for others is a strategy that will work well.  

Let’s keep this simple and sit down and talk with people and all get along.  There has been enough posturing for eternity.  There has been enough ego-run power-seekers that we never every need anymore of them.   There has been enough heartlessness and ridiculous rationalization that we could easily live forever without anymore of such nonsense.  

I have linked compassion and kindness together here.  Compassion is love and understanding acting together.  Compassion is a form of kindness or is it that kindness is a form of compassion.  It doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that both can make a hugely positive difference in the world.  

I want to start a kindness campaign and see how many people in America can join together and make this nation great again and the help bring peace and prosperity to the entire planet through the flow of kindness.  Would you like to join me?  We could have a national/global kindness campaign and wakeup the hearts of everyone on the planet.

Let me know what you think.   Please share you ideas here on the blog about kindness.