October Is Follow Your Wisdom Month

October is here and frankly it seemed that September was only a few short days.  Having a vacation and so much going on in the news and in life that time does fly by.  What do you want to focus on as the summer drifts into past memories?  What are you thinking about as the financial situation appears so unstable?  It may be a time for put your energy on what matters most to you.  What seems like priorities to you and your family?

Let’s get clear that things are unsettled but it doesn’t mean that you should be afraid.  Often times when things are challenging, people rise to what is needed and even do better than expected.  Take a few days to think, listen, and sense what needs your attention.  In times when things are uncertain, it is best to tune-in instead of getting caught up in the hurry, worry, and media barrage.

If you listen to what you know at a deeper level of consciousness, you will see there can still be peace, joy, success and purposeful action in times of uncertainty.  There is this knowing inside that is waiting to intuitively guide you toward the best outcomes if you listen inward.  That is why I am calling this Follow Your Wisdom Month, as a reminder to let yourself be guided by what you know deep inside.

Here is another mindful practice that can be very helpful for listening inward.  The goal of this practice is to create a vehicle for you to let your inner knowing come out.  Take a few minutes to slow down by simply following the cycle of your breath.  Pay attention to the moment when you shift from exhale to inhale and inhale to exhale. This brief transition in your breath is a time when you can feel deeply connected to a greater knowing.  

After you slow down, take out your pen/pencil and begin to write down questions that you have.  Having a journal for this exercise can be very helpful.  After posing the questions(s), take another few minutes to again follow your breath and be open to guidance.  Then let you pen begin and see what messages come into your awareness.  With practice you can have a very strong intuitive flow of information and knowing that will be an invaluable guide for creating the life you want.  

Listening is powerful, writing it down helps clarify and the more your practice this the better the flow.  There is always a source that wants to guide you.  If the messages feel right they are, if they do not then most like your ego is trying to insert it’s control.

You know what is best if you listen to your inner knowing, your heart, your gut, your higher self or whatever you recognize as the source intuitively.  This knowing can guide you to the life you want and if it is paid attention to, you will always be shown the way.  Listen, love and prosper and have a wonderful month.