Remember The Power Of Love

Yesterday was my second wedding anniversary.  Bobbi and I met later in life and that has turned out to be a wonderful blessing for us.  We found each other after we had worked through many of our own issues and got clear what was important to us.  We were both attending a 10-Day conference on social activism put on by Jean Houston when we got to know each other.  After we met friendship came easily and we stayed in touch even though I lived in Santa Barbara and she in Denver.  After connected in Portland four months later we decided there was more happening between us than just a friendship.  Seven months passed and I loaded up my little truck with all I had and headed to Colorado.

Now two years of marriage later our hearts are even more connected, our passion for peace and making a difference in the world continues to grow, and our lives work very well together.  The quality of life is really enriched by loving relationships.  The support, encouragement and love we share make us both better people and more open in our hearts.  Statistics seem to point to the fact that people in loving relationships tend to be happier and live longer.  I hope you are blessed with a loving relationship in your life.

Love is a powerful force for good on the planet.
  How do you give love in your life?  Is your heart open or needing to open more?  What protects your heart?  Is being cautious about love a good idea?  Is the world a better place if your heart is open?  Is your ability to love limited or unlimited?  How would you like to express more love in your life?  What holds you back and what will it take to let go and love?  Love seems to be the answer to all the world problems, can you think of anything more important than love?  

Now take a few minutes to
: imagine your heart as a shining star of love and let it spread through you until it fills your entire body and mind.  Feel the power of that love in you and sense the forces for healing flowing through every cell of your being.  Next imagine that love in you spreading to your family, friends, community, state, country, continent and planet.  Now imagine that love taking in the sun and the solar system and spreading out to fill this universe and beyond.  That unlimited capacity to love is inside of you.  You have as part of you unlimited love and the combined love in all beings.  You could love for eternity and never run out.  

Let your love shine today in any ways you can.
  Lots of love to you Bobbi.