Debate, Sore Shoulder, And Addiction

Today, I want to share with you a mix of thoughts, determinations, impressions and concerns.  

Isn’t it great to live in a country where we can see our politicians up close and personal?  The debate was, as a friend stated beforehand, “better than a sporting event.”  I thought it lived up to the expectations in general.  Both candidates did better than expected.  Biden was very factual and to the point, with policies spelled out in key areas.  Palin was folksy and pleasant with generalities about change and the every present reminder of their so called, “maverick status.”   Palin didn’t look like a fool and Biden didn’t get too wordy.  The outcome of this election however was not influenced by this debate.  Palin will stay on the ticket and Biden will be a good vice president.

It is Friday and I am grateful for the end of the week and some time to just relax.  My pace since vacation has slowed down a little here and there mainly because I have been taking more time to tend to my health.  I have has a “frozen shoulder” problem that is now turning around thanks to some help from my D.O. and because each day I have been working my shoulder until it hurts in almost every direction.  This self-abuse is what I understand is the only remedy except knocking me out and tearing my shoulder loose from the what is holding it.  My shoulder is doing better because I am pushing myself because frankly I don’t like the other option.  Where do you need to push yourself to take good care of your health?

Today one of the clients I work with at my job will complete our four-week addiction recovery treatment program.  All the staff appreciates the work he has done and the kind of person he seems to be.  Yet each of us feels there is something going on with him that is still beyond what we can get him to talk about.  Maybe he doesn’t know himself?  We all have our theories and have all given him our best shots.  

As my workday wound down yesterday, I gave him one more shot at talking about the real issue driving his drug use.  The talk went well but nothing new surfaced.  So, I let go and hope that whatever is the psychological imbalance is, it will not sabotage his recovery efforts.  If it does, maybe next time he will be able to come fully clean with himself.  

Doing this work is very challenging for us but not nearly as challenging as it is for our clients.  The staff all root for our clients when they leave and hope to see them when they stop by to tell us how well they are doing.  It’s almost like being a parent as they go out the door.  We hope they will be ok and do well with their lives.  This work in addiction recovery is much like re-parenting since almost all come from very damaged childhoods.  Our hope and the tools we gave them is what they leave treatment with.   In this kind of work we too often see them again when they fall and then we have to help them get up and try again.    

Have a very good weekend and take a moment to be grateful for who you are, your health, and all that makes your life what it is.